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    After testing hotel grade sheets from a number of manufacturers & importers (they vary greatly). These are the sheets we selected for our own vacation rental. Best value when balancing price, ease of turn-over, durability, consistency and comfort. Ideal for any vacation rental.

    Used in 4 through 5 star city and business hotels.

    This crisp percale sheet offers a fresh clean cool feel. Durable construction designed to stand up to industrial laundering eliminates the need for frequent replacement. Easy care, quick drying, bright white, commercial grade hotel sheets. T250, 60% cotton, 40% polyester. These sheets are made with single ply long fibers and get softer in time, without pilling.

    Elastic all around on these sheets will fit from 10" to 14" mattress depth. 

    This pillowcase exemplifies why we like commercial hotel grade products... It is slightly wider, which means the pillow drops in without a fight, saving time a change-over.  They are long pillowcases allowing option to fold envelope style. See images.

    TIP: The cotton blend means there's no need to iron. Fold warm from the dryer. For a freshly pressed Hotel look...just iron your pillowcases.

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